Modern Zinc
Brand Identity, Packaging & Marketing
Modern Zinc is an American start-up company making bedding with a scientific twist. They have developed zinc infused fabric that is then made into sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers to aid skin health while sleeping.
I was engaged to develop the branding, packaging, and any marketing collateral needed. My approach was to steer clear of the obvious Zn30 chemical element idea used in the Breaking Bad identity. I wanted to push my concept further and came up with a series of stylised rock elements.
The concept for these rock elements comes from the geometric shapes found in the most common zinc ore; sphalerite, a zinc sulfide mineral.
The colour palette is also derived from images of zinc sulfide—starting with a warm, earthy grey. A gender neutral colour was then chosen to compliment the grey—somewhere between pink and orange. Finally an off-white, uncoated finish was spec'd for all printed material and this colour will be implemented across all digital work.
The packaging concepts are currently being prototyped and also use the uncoated, off-white stock finish with a stripped back and minimal level of information. Subtle hints of embossing and unveiling of colour all add to the unpacking experience. Finally revealing the scientifically engineered sheets wrapped in plastic with #freshsheets printed across in the Modern Zinc peach colour.

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